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Physio Fast Track

The Leading Done-For-You Online Marketing System for Physiotherapy Businesses

Most marketing service companies struggle to deliver real results because they sell you SEO or Google Ads without addressing the many other factors which are critical to turning website traffic into patient bookings.

Ultimately the results are never as good as they could be.

What good is more website traffic if your website isn't designed to convert visitors into patients?

Why spend money on Google Ads if your website is too slow, resulting in a terrible user experience and higher advertising costs?

Physio Fast Track is the Solution

It is a 9 Step System which is designed to address all of the pieces of the puzzle.

Phase 1 - Foundations

The Foundation phase ensures your digital assets perform properly and you can track and measure the impact of all of your marketing efforts.

1. Website Infrastructure

We make sure your website infrastructure is stable, loads quickly, can scale with your business, is secure and performs on mobile devices. Infrastructure impacts every other marketing activity and channel. It's the foundation for all digital marketing.

2. Analytics

We set up the tools and systems to allow you to track and measure the impact of your marketing on key performance indicators (KPI's). This helps you know which digital marketing channels (SEO, PPD, Facebook Ads) are performing best.

3. Website Content

We optimise your website content, your service descriptions, homepage copy and calls to action. They carry your message and educate prospects about you and your services. Content affects every channel from Paid, to PR & SEO.

Phase 2 - Optimisation

The Optimisation phase ensures your site targets the right keywords, is designed to convert visitors into patients and that your brand is visible in online search.

4. Keyword Targeting

We do research to find the best and most relevant keywords and then optimise your site and content so they can and do rank for those keywords, bringing the best most relevant visitors to your site so you can convert them into patients.

5. Website Conversions

We review your site and provide detailed recommendations for you to implement that are designed to help convert more website visitors into patients.

6. Brand & Presence

Brand search is when people search for your business by name. We optimise your website and other digital assets such as Google My Business to ensure you present the best face possible.

Phase 3 - Promotion

The Promotion phase is where we put fuel on the fire and expand your reach with targeted content, PR and Paid Promotion;  putting more prospects through your marketing funnel.

7. Content Marketing

We create a 12 month blog content calendar of topics for you to write, publish and share on social media. These blog post topics are keyword targeted, relevant to your audience and designed to increase your search engine traffic.

8. Public Relations

Getting people to talk about you is valuable because you will always get found online when people search for you by name. We provide training resources and tactics for your team to utilise to grow your presence and encourage positive news and press.

9. Paid Performance

Your patients use Google to find physios close to their homes. We set up a complete Google Adwords campaign and write compelling ads so that when someone looks online, there you are.

Here's What Our Service Delivers


1. A Website that Converts Visitors into Patients

Your website will be optimised to convert visitors into patient bookings.  Otherwise, why have a website at all if it's not designed to increase patient flow.

2. Google Rankings that Get You Found

Your website will get found by customers looking for your physiotherapy services in your service area.  We know most physio patients will only look for a local physio.  We'll make sure you are the physio of choice.

3. Google Ads that Generate Patients on Demand

To complement your SEO rankings, we set up your Google Ads account, create and test your ads so that any prospects in your local area who go to Google to search for one of your services will see your ads.


4. Tracking & Measurement Tools To Give You Insight

Knowing what marketing activities are working best is the most powerful insight you and your team can have.  We make sure you can track and measure all aspects of your online marketing performance.

5. Marketing Independence

Once we have set up your online marketing systems, we provide training resources to your team and show them how they can continue to generate patients on demand.

Within 90 day's of starting our program, we will grow your average monthly online lead flow by 50% or we'll keep working until we do.

Here Are Some of the Problems We Solve



1. Your website generates no patient bookings

We SEO your website so it can get found in Google,  We also set up your Google Ads with compelling ads so that when someone goes looking for a physio in your area, your business gets the inquiry.

2. Your website doesn't convert visitors into patients

Many websites are designed to be pretty by designers who don't know how to design sites to get leads.  Fancy sliders and banners just get in the way.  We'll fix your site so it turns visitors into patients.


3. I'm tired of paying for SEO and Google Ads consultants each month

We set up your website and business so it gets found online and generates leads.  This doesn't require ongoing retainer fees.  Once we are complete,  we then provide training to your team so they have the skills to take over and do your digital marketing in-house.

4. We keep jumping from consultant to consultant and get no results

The reality is most digital marketing consultants sell you a piece of the puzzle and try to get you on long-term retainers.  Our goal is to put the pieces together and give you and your team the knowledge to generate patients on demand yourself.


Picture of testimonial author
We've had to put on additional staff to allow us to run extra pilates classes with all of the new inquiries we're getting.
Rating: 5 stars
Mary Knappman
North Parramatta Physio
Picture of testimonial author
We had an Amazing month again of new patients coming into the clinic and an amazing result for the beginning of the second quarter of 2018
Rating: 5 stars
Mariana Stamatopoulos
Collins Place Physio

Meet Edmund Pelgen

Physio Fast Track was created to help physiotherapists set up a comprehensive online marketing system that covered their websites, their search engine optimisation, their paid advertising and their content in a way that would ensure that whenever a patient in their service area went looking for them, there they were.

It was developed using Edmunds over  15 years experience in Digital Marketing, running his own SEO Agency and online businesses.  Physio Fast Track was developed in conjunction with a leading Physiotherapy Business Coach who found the majority of physiotherapists were being poorly served by digital agencies who didn't understand their needs and only ever provided part of marketing the solution.

It provides a one-stop solution to grow your patient lead flow from online marketing by 50% in 90 days.


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