What’s The Difference Between Google Ads & Facebook

Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Here's which one you should start with first and why.

Whenever the conversation turns to online advertising I often get asked by practice owners, “What should I do first?  Facebook Ads or Google Ads”

And I always have a discussion about understanding the customers intent.

Why?  Because “Intent” is critical to understanding which of these ad platforms is most suitable for generating inbound leads quickly.

Understanding people’s behaviour online.

When people have a problem they need a solution for, they go online, jump into Google and search using specific keywords to find the answer.

The act of using a search engine and typing keywords indicates an intent to seek an answer, solution or service.

Thus Google is the place where businesses go to use advertising to  harvest intent by bidding on the keywords they are typic in.

Facebook is completely different.

It’s a social platform where people are not actively searching for anything.  They are just consuming content in the newsfeed.

If you turned up and randomly shouted at someone walking by, “Buy my stuff” they’d look at you as if you were crazy.

It’s the same in Facebook.

Because no one in Facebook uses keywords to search for anything, the strategy in Facebook requires you to use advertising to generate Intent by targeting specific audiences within which your likely customers exist and using content to call them out.

Once they have seen your ad and “opt in” to your marketing by engaging with the ad or signing up to the offer you are pitching, they enter into your marketing funnel where you can then build trust and gain the opportunity to present your offering.

My Recommendation

Right now, Facebook ads are super hot and every man and his dog is trying to sell Facebook services because every marketing coach has a course on how to generate leads with facebook ads.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook ads are great.

But I think Physiotherapist practices should start with Google Ads first.

Why? Because Google Ads get in front of people actively looking for you by searching online. Their intent is to find a physio to do business with.

They are much easier to convert from a prospect into a patient booking

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